Name My Pet (Parrot)

Name My Pet (Parrot)


Hey, I have a dog named Rambo smile

Now I'm going to get a PARROT and I want a Spanish name for her

Any suggestions, please? that's her photo here smile

[to add, she is very Talkative and Naughty and she can scream at me the whole day]

Any more suggestions please ... I'll have to stop calling her 'sweetie' and give here a 'real' name soon ...

alt text

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4 Answers


You should name it Rocky. Then you would have Rambo and Rocky! No? Well ok then.

If she's like a pirate's parrot I would name it Susana or something. If she is not an evil parrot, I would call her Alejandra.

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posted by nrdyAWSM

Muñeca, Which means doll or wrist and is a sweet name although your parrot is not sweet. grin

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It's a good name for a boy parrot but I like el loro tico tengo from a book my kids like to read

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posted by mariana538
"el loro tico tengo" ? tell me more plz - Partho, FEB 8, 2010
Well, el loro tico tengo is a theif who steals fruit from his friends. At the end of the story, he's carrying all the fruit he's stolen and drops it all. He tells his friends he's sorry and they give him some mango for dancing the tango - mariana538, FEB 10, 2010
wow, that's a nice story .. thx Mariana :) - Partho, FEB 22, 2010


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ha ha .. that's nice .. but rude :( - Partho, FEB 8, 2010
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