do a list with or without articles?

do a list with or without articles?


I am little confused. On sites when I also learn Spanish I have writing exercises and native speakers correct them. When I made a list of things first I wrote it with articles and the most of people who corrected me removed articles. After that, I wrote new exercises and I haven't put articles in that kind of sentences, but some people who corrected me added articles.

Is it correct:

Voy a comprar: el pan, la harina, los plátanos, los huevos...


Voy a comprar: pan, harina, plátanos, huevos...

Thank you very much!

updated FEB 7, 2010
posted by KikeCS

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Hi Kike,

It is incorrect to remove the articles. I'm not sure which sites you were on, but your first sentence is correct and the second one is incorrect.

updated FEB 7, 2010
posted by Nicole-B
Thanks! I learn at livemocha.com and busuu.com. Native speakers corrected me, but I know from my own language that many people make mistakes in their their own language. - KikeCS, FEB 7, 2010

I like your question. I get confused by this, too. I think it depends somewhat on the context, just as it does in English.

I'm going to buy bread.
I'm going to buy the bread.

These two sentences, both grammatically correct, mean slightly different things.

There is even a debate in English about the use of the articles. For example, in Canada and England a sick person might be in hospital. In the US a sick person would be in the hospital. Which is correct?

Sorry I can't give you a complete explanation for your question.


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posted by CalvoViejo
Thanks anyway! Yes, I am confused with articles in English too. In Croatian we don't have them. But primarily I am here now to learn Spanish. - KikeCS, FEB 7, 2010
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