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How many different types of Spanish dialects are there?


I would love to know how many different versions/Dialects(I think thats the right word??) of Spanish are there? If anyone really knows the actual answer that is, but a rough estimate would be cool!! thanks grin

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I would have to say there are countless. And in accordance to what MiguelitoNZ points out, there would almost have to be a team of linguists to be able to differentiate the different dialects.

  • Just as there are different dialects in English.

My home state of Indiana is considered to have three different dialects, but only a Hoosier (or a professional linguist) would really be able to distinguish them.

  • Mexico, which has countless mixto tribes have their own dialects of Spanish. ..

So, unfortunately your question is akin to 'how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop.'

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I feel sure you are looking for the word "dialect". I will wait with you for an educated answer on that. As far as number of intellects, that would be equal to the number of people speaking Spanish I think.

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thanks it would be dialects.. close call for me jejeje - mel25tlw, FEB 6, 2010
well.....you don't have to be an intellect to speak English or Spanish, jejeje..(you can just take a look at my ex-roommate) - bdclark0423, FEB 7, 2010

I think even a linguist would have trouble answering this. I have seen an article that describes significant differences even within one city - the city being Madrid, There is also the well known 'el voseo' in South America (there is a good wikipedia entry on this). So, in short, numeroso

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