Translation needed: "Standing in the way"

Translation needed: "Standing in the way"


What is the translation for "standing in the way"? I THINK it is esta interrupiendo el camino... But, I need it more in the way "He is standing in the way if their love". PLEASE help me!!!!

updated MAR 9, 2010
edited by 00494d19
posted by kanani142

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I like "él esta impidiendo su amor" but I am not a native so you should probably wait for one. Impedir means to obstruct or stand in the way of. Impedir and Pedir both have an unusual gerund that changes the e to an i. Impidiendo.

updated MAR 9, 2010
posted by jeezzle
thank you, thank you, thank you!!! - kanani142, FEB 4, 2010
obstruir (obstruct) or bloquear (block) are other options - 0074b507, FEB 5, 2010
not here, quen, impedir is the word to use - 00494d19, FEB 5, 2010
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