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Video of the Day: Risas/Laughter


I can never get enough of a tiny baby's laughter, so this is four times as great! smile LOL risas

Create a caption in Spanish (with the English translation) Vote for your favorites. Check tomorrow to see who had the most popular answer. wink smile

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What a great video...gets my vote! - --Mariana--, FEB 4, 2010

3 Answers


Laughter is the best medicine

la risa es la mejor medicina

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posted by joeydorl

1 is good. But 1 x 4 is better. cheese

1 es buena. Sin embargo, 1 x 4 es mejor. LOL

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corrections welcome - hlsbookworm, FEB 4, 2010
Sin embargo = however - --Mariana--, FEB 4, 2010
muchas gracias Marianne! - hlsbookworm, FEB 4, 2010

I have seen this video before and it made me laugh again. Thank you hlsbookworm.

Los bebes ríen porche saben su padre no se gusta el regalo en sus pañales.

The babies laugh because they know their dad does not like the present in their diapers.

updated FEB 4, 2010
posted by yogamamaof2
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