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what is the difference between spanish and latinospanish for example cuba ?


for example what are the main differences in cuba ?

updated FEB 4, 2010
posted by vivivocal

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De nada Vivi, I can't imagine that Cuban Spanish has its own grammar, but then again, I'm no expert. My (regular paper) dictionary tells me when a word is Latin American of specificly Velezuelan, Cuban and so on. I would advise you to go to a university bookstore and shop for a really good dictionary there. It might be an investment but a much needed one. You could also get familiar with specific Cuban words by listening to Cuban music, looking up the lyrics and trying to translate them for yourself. If you're not sure about your translation, you could always post it for corrections and I'm sure there are plenty of native Cuban members ready to help you.

updated FEB 4, 2010
posted by chicasabrosa
Gracias Chica ! I will check the Universitys . And i forget to say the Dutch story is soooooooooo funny. ;-) I couldnt stop laughing, imagine a prince is saying that.Yes it's true i don't know a lot about spanish but that the 2nd.P plural compares to the - vivivocal, FEB 4, 2010
3rd P. plural is true.For example: You(2 ore more person) are beautiful in Cuba = ustedes son hermosa or hermoso I dont know.Its quiete confusing.;-) Thanks for the tips! - vivivocal, FEB 4, 2010
Yes, it's funny especially considering his status as the next in line to claim the throne *cringe*. Happy learning! - chicasabrosa, FEB 4, 2010
jajajajajjajaj ;-)))))))))) I love storys like that !!! - vivivocal, FEB 4, 2010
thanks i give my best learning 2 languages in one time sometimes i even mess up my german because of that.;-) - vivivocal, FEB 4, 2010

Hi there,

It's just a matter of each Spanish speaking country using slightly different words. Which means that you need to be cautious to use words you aren't familiar with. For example, the Dutch crown prince is married to an Argentinian woman. He speaks some Spanish and at a political convention he wanted to show off his Spanish and said something like : "Camaron que se duerme se lo lleva al chingada" (sorry folks!).

He really wanted to say: "Camaron que se duerme se lo lleva al corriente", a sleeping shrimp is taken along by the current".

"Corriente" is spanish for "current" while "chingada", a latin-american word means current in every latin american country EXCEPT for in Mexico, where the speech was held. There, "chingada" means something like f***ed. So... luckily a lot of the politicians present had a good sense of humour....

Cubans use a lot of words that are very specific for the Island, which aren't used in any other spanish speaking countries. Very often, a word from a Cuban song (Buena Vista Social Club series) will not be found in a regular Spanish dictionary.

updated FEB 4, 2010
edited by chicasabrosa
posted by chicasabrosa
gracias chica the thing my family comes from cuba and i just found them on facebook and my father didnt teached me spanish so i have to learn everything from the beginning and in berlin are no classes for cuban spanish sometimes i cant find the word in my - vivivocal, FEB 4, 2010
dictionary.do u know if there spanishbooks from latinamerica which i could learn?the conjugation in 2nd P. plural are different too right for example vosotros habláis and ustedes hablan right??? - vivivocal, FEB 4, 2010
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