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Can anyone please give me an example of a common expression using "ojalá qué..." Gracias.

updated FEB 3, 2010
posted by Bob_C

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¡Ojalá que lleguemos a tiempo para el concierto!

Hopefully that we get on time for the concert!

And here uncommon expressions (poetic text)Canción de Silvio Rodríguez

updated FEB 3, 2010
posted by Carlos-F
"Hopefully, we will be on time for the concert" is the likely English phrasing. - 0057ed01, FEB 2, 2010
Thanks Volpon... - Carlos-F, FEB 3, 2010

Ojala que llueva. I wish that its rain

Ojala que me vaya bien en la prueva

I wish i go well in my test

Ojala que venga pronto

I hope he/she come back soon.

updated FEB 2, 2010
posted by juluque

Ojala que pudiera borrarte. I wish that I could erase you. (from my life....bad memories etc...). I can't think of a common usage of the top of my head. It's in love songs a lot. In fact that is the title of an awesome song by Mana.

updated FEB 2, 2010
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posted by jeezzle
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