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IS it PR a real country or just an extension of USA? IS there a feeling of being "Ticos" or not anymore?


updated MAR 3, 2010
posted by pepitogrillo

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Puerto Rico. What is porto? Puerto is harbor. Puerto Rico ,the Rich Harbor. Of course rico can also mean delicious but because of the capital R we know is a name of a place.

I am not sure puerto ricans are called ticos,people from Costa Rica were called ticos. Puerto Ricans call themselves Boricuas.-Go figure-

As far as americans (People born in the US) are concern the whole of Latin America is an extension of the USA but the Chinese and Arabs are slowly becoming more influential. There has always been asian colonies in Latin America but they did not had much power, this is changing now.

Boricua puede derivar de boricuá (‘come cangrejos’, en el lenguaje arawaco), que era como se autodenominaban los indios taínos de la actual isla de Puerto Rico. Boricua también puede derivar de Borinquén (antigua denominación indígena de la actual isla de Puerto Rico), que significa ‘tierras del señor valiente (o altivo)’. De Borinquén surge el gentilicio borinqueño. Fuente: Wikepeidia

updated MAR 3, 2010
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How does this answer his question? - TheSilentHero, FEB 4, 2010
Sometimes one has to go beyond the stated question,I think she wanted to know something about Puerto Rico. - 00769608, FEB 9, 2010
Es cierto, son boricuas y no ticos. perdon por la confusion - pepitogrillo, MAR 3, 2010

How is Puerto Rico pronounced? I have heard it as "Porto Rico" and also Puerto Rico?

updated FEB 2, 2010
posted by 00e8f2fa

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, so I guess it is not what you refer to as a real (independent?) country.

I assume "tico" is an ethnic slur of some kind, so I'll defer to a native of the island as to how they consider themselves.

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Yes is anative answer i am looking for. I should type all this Spanish. - pepitogrillo, FEB 2, 2010
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