Why is spanish so hard for me to learn and is there any web site or programs that can help me?


I am a Freshman and in a Spanish 2 class I need to know where I can get more help raspberry question

updated DIC 6, 2011
posted by klanier

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Hi Klanier,

Welcome to our forum. Spanish is hard to learn because it's a language. Languages are hard.

But the good news is, you're already on the best free Spanish learning site on the web.

First check out our Reference Section, which has a lot of good information on all kinds of subjects about Spanish grammar, and about using this site.

And of course, we have Spanish Lessons that are pretty good. Since you are in your second year you can probably skip some of them. But even the ones you know are good review.

updated DIC 6, 2011
posted by Goyo