Huésped o invitado

Huésped o invitado


Both of these palabras seem to mean guest or visitor. Can they be used interchangeably or is there a specific connotation to one or the other?

updated ENE 31, 2010
posted by jacob4408

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Huesped is like a guest in a hotel. Most of the time you should use invitado. I say this because my friend Maria has told me this when I asked her the same.

Huesped - Guest at hotel or some place that costs money etc... Invitado - Most other uses. People you invite over to your house etc... Cliente - Customers or guests at a restaurant etc...

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Huésped o invitado best answer ever huesped to define a guest a person who for the most part come to rent your property for a while but therefore pay because of it invitado: it is a person who you invite for free expressly to come over you property vote me

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