How do I ask about missing things?

How do I ask about missing things?


By this I mean 'Are you missing home?' 'Do you miss your grandmother?' etc... I know 'I miss you' is 'te echo de menos' but I can't figure out how to use this verb echar to say these other things. Thanks again!

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¿Extrañas tu casa? o ¿Extrañas a tu abuela?


¿Echas de menos tu casa? ¿Echas de menos a tu abuela?

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Extrañás - why is there an accent on the "a"? - 00e8f2fa, ENE 31, 2010
oh!! sorry to confuse you martinj! In Argentina we use "Vos" instead of "Tú" for the 2nd person sing, so the verb takes the accent. It's not incorrect, but I'll keep the Spanish form not to confuse anybody. Thanks!!! - Benz, ENE 31, 2010
There is an error on SpanishDict conjugation tool with this verb, so cannot check. - 00e8f2fa, ENE 31, 2010
Thanks, I knew there had to be a reason. - 00e8f2fa, ENE 31, 2010

Just a quick note on the different ways to say "I miss you":

I've noticed that "te echo de menos" is used mostly in Spain and other countries, and "te extraño" is used mostly in Latin America (especially Mexico).

updated ENE 31, 2010
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