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'to go with the flow'


i want to say something like. i was just going with the flow. or you should go with the flow, etc, thanks in advance!

updated ENE 30, 2010
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posted by alexengijon

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HI alx, welcome to the forumsmile

Remember, please, this is a learning site, we need you to use correct spelling and capitalization, thankswink

go with the flow: ir donde iban todos, seguir la corriente, déjate llevar

updated ENE 30, 2010
posted by 00494d19
I apologise! I'm new to this forum business! Thank you for the help. - alexengijon, ENE 30, 2010

Ir con la mayoría Sumarse a la mayoría Seguir a la mayoría

I guess there are a few more ways to say that.

updated ENE 29, 2010
posted by pepitogrillo
good answer:) - 00494d19, ENE 29, 2010
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