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Why does "computer moniter" translate as "team monkey"


Ok I am being 100% serious here. I am trying to sticky note every object in my house, so I looked up "computer moniter" on google translate. I got "moniter equipo" which looks okay, right? But I wasn't sure so I translated it back to ingleso. I got Team Monkey! It even prounounces it for me! Did something go wrong?

updated ENE 29, 2010
posted by sweetycool76

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I believe the correct way to say "computer monitor" in Spanish is:

Monitor de la computadora.

Also you may have gotten a bad translation because you spelled monitor as moniter.

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yup, that'll do it ;-) - bdclark0423, ENE 29, 2010

Sounds as though this is just a particularly modern and technilogical version of the old "telephone", "silent post" or "gossip" game ... as implemented on machines. You remember this game, don't you?

What happens when you then enter "team monkey" into the next translatorquestion question

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