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i had posted a question about signing up,


when i try to it tells me that my ip address is banned..someone replied and said the fact that i can write this means i am signed in...that is not true, i am writing this from the homepage without being logged in..can someone help me please, why would my ip address be banned when i've never been on here before? i cannot sign it, it will only let me fill out the new user information when i want to post this question, but i am not a a user and it will not accept me.

updated ENE 29, 2010
posted by debrck19

2 Answers


Debrick, the IP you are using has not been banned.

The fact is, whatever the system says, you are posting and your page figures as working fine.

Can you do the lessons? Do you receive the e-mail notifications?

Try this, open a new account and see if that works, a new e-mail account. Can you read private messages? I have written one to you, let's see if you can get that.

updated ENE 29, 2010
posted by 00494d19

Weird because it shows an icon like you are a member. I do not know myself.

updated ENE 29, 2010
posted by nizhoni1
the fact you got points for my vote also makes me think you are "signed in" - nizhoni1, ENE 28, 2010
You do not know yourself? Curious. - jeezzle, ENE 28, 2010
jejejejejejejejej, jeez - 00494d19, ENE 29, 2010
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