10 Sentences in the present tense

10 Sentences in the present tense


first off, thankyou for taking the time to click and see if you can help me. i truly apreciate it, i was wondering if someone could tell me:

  • 10 Sentences in the present tense
  • 10 Sentences in the future tense
  • A negative in 10 of those sentences (e.g es muy caro) and clauses.

If you cannot help me, then thankyou for looking and attempting to. any help would go a long way.


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posted by Bafoon

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Hi Bafoon

We DO NOT do homework. If you want to try yourself and post your efforts, someone will gladly correct them for you and offer further advice if needed. That's the only way to learn a foreign language, you get out what you put in.

updated ENE 28, 2010
posted by Eddy
thankyou for you rather true comment, you have now ruined my chances of getting any help with the above, but maybe i'll thank people like you in the long run in life. - Bafoon, ENE 28, 2010
Thankyou. i'll be posting my spanish answers in a bit - Bafoon, ENE 28, 2010
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