Can I learn spanish in this program?

Can I learn spanish in this program?


I want to learn Spanish, but I don't know when I can learn it. Can you help me?

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posted by evis
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Hello Evis,

I think this is perfect. I started to learn Spanish approximately two months ago and now at this point I am able to form simple sentences and go in a simple Spanish conversation.

This site is wonderful because 1) You have billions of resources. 2) Paralee is a great teacher and answers your questions in videos before you ask. 3) Having any additional detail questions there are a lot of native speakers and helpful admins to give you a hand, both quick and effective.4) You can go with your own phase, whenever and wherever you want!

Hope this gives you an idea about how wonderful this site is.

Thanks everyone. grin

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When you want to start learning, click on "Learn Spanish" above and start with lesson number one. There are great lessons to watch on video and flashcards to help you. This is a terrific site to learn from. Welcome.

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posted by alba3

Yes, you can. (Sí, te puede.)

You're off to a great start by asking that question.

Welcome to the Forum.

You'll find a supportive group of friendly people who were beginners like you. You can post any question you have, no matter how "dumb" it may seem to you. You'll find a sympathetic ear and response.

An entertaining way to begin is with the Flashcards. (The link is directly above.) Then, move on to Learn Spanish and start working on the lessons - complete with visual and audio with the charming master teacher, Paralee.

But most of all, keep returning to the Forum, which in my opinion, is the heart of the site.

We're good folks, ready to help.

Good luck! (¡Buena suerte!)

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