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Cuanto as a question


Hi everyone,

Tengo una pregunta.

As a question word do Cuánto y cuánto have the same meaning but differ according to the feminine and masculine word that follows ?

updated ENE 26, 2010
posted by neslita

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Yes, in English we have a singular and a plural: "how much" and :"how many". In Spanish there are masculine and feminine for both the singular and the plural forms.

Examples: ¿Cuánto dinero traes? - How much money do you have with you? ....¿Cuánta tarea hay para esa clase? - How much homework is there for that class?...¿Cuántos días quedan? - How many days are left?...¿Cuántas preguntas contestaste? - How many questions did you answer?

I hope this helps!

updated ENE 26, 2010
posted by mountaingirl123
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