una pregunta con respecto "a fe mía"

una pregunta con respecto "a fe mía"


I have heard "A fe mía" used to mean "On my honor, blah blah blah," however, would it be culturally appropriate to use it as a stand alone comment regarding ones religious faith?

I would like to have it inscribed on something if so, but i don't want to do that if the cultural understanding of the phrase is so different from what I'm attempting to say.

The phrase I'm going for, by the way, is "Upon my faith."

Thanks for all the help!

(Lo siento yo no escribí en español, pero, llego tarde a trabajo) haha, ¡Gracías!

UPDATE: After looking at a response and reading more, I'm leaning towards "Sobre mi fe"


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lo siento no escribir....I regret not writing Lo siento que...I'm sorry that.... - 0074b507, ENE 26, 2010
Thanks! ;) - spanishspeakerbos, ENE 26, 2010

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upon my faith

[1]: http://www.wordmagicsoft.com/dictionary/en-es/upon my faith.php

seems to be one of those restricted php databases that won't link.

Anyway, it says a fe mía means upon my faith. Notice the synonyms, however.

upon my faith

upon my faith Adverb

  1. a fe mía, para mi santiguada, por mi santiguada; Synonyms: for the life of me, on my word, on my word of honor, upon my honor, on my word of honour, upon my honour

Check out the previous page. It shows a couple dozen interesting phrases with faith.

faith definition

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Gracias, after consulting that link and a few more website (including a spanish Bible) I think "Sobre mi fe" might be a better option - spanishspeakerbos, ENE 26, 2010
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