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need to learn words that are often used in a truck unloading warehouse in spanish

updated ENE 26, 2010
posted by hampton-doe

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Here is an example from the dictionary available on this site: definition of pallet

Because many of the words you need will be industry related (similar to medical terms, musical terms, etc), not all of the words will be available in the dictionary here. However, like I said, if you provide some of the exact words you need, I'm sure we will be able to find them some how. At the very least, I will get my husband to ask one of the many Spanish speaking people that he works with.

updated ENE 26, 2010
posted by Nicole-B

Hi Hampton and welcome to the forum,

I think it would be helpful if you gave us some of the words you are looking for. For instance,

  • pallet
  • hand truck
  • freight

I know a few words because my husband drives a truck for a living, but even my knowledge is limited. I think if you gave us some words to work with, your chances for good answers would increase.


smile smile

updated ENE 26, 2010
edited by Nicole-B
posted by Nicole-B
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