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whats the word abisas mean?


what is the word, or the word that this closely resembles in spanish?

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Me avisas : "You let me know"

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I don't recognize that word, but Spanish writers often mix up b's with v's so the word could be avisas (from avisar). As with any word if you want to know its meaning you need to provide context (in a sentence would be appropriate).


(De aviso).

  1. tr. Dar noticia de algún hecho.

  2. tr. Advertir o aconsejar.

  3. tr. Llamar a alguien para que preste un servicio. Avisar al médico. Avisar al electricista.

  4. tr. Prevenir a alguien de algo.

  5. prnl. ant. Instruirse, informarse del estado de algo.

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Welcome to the forum! For some reason I get this feeling that the word might be:

A veces = sometimes

Let me know if I am right or not!

Hope this helps!

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Who are we to argue with a woman's intuition? - 0074b507, ENE 26, 2010
Unfortunately my intuition has failed me many times...more like a stab in the dark! - renaerules, ENE 26, 2010
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