What does "pepa" mean?

What does "pepa" mean?


My Spanish book is having us learn about drug mules but i'm not sure what exactly what it means by "la pepa."

The question it gave me is listed below. "Muchas mulas tragan (pepas/pasajes/rosas) de heroína y las transportan en el estómago."

The other answers don't make sense so I figure it has to be "pepas" but I'm not sure.

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Pepa derivates from the word "pepita" that means seed. In your context pepa is a pill full of drug. See the following pictures from the movie "Maria Full of Grace"

alt text

alt text

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A pepa for me is a pill, seed, anything that is round and solid. The mules swallow pepas means that they swallow little balls (usually of latex containing the drug).

Pepa in Colombia is also slang for a person who is very book smart.

Hope this helps.

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The literal Spanish meaning of pepe is one of two. 1=dandy and 2=feeding bottle. I hope this helps at all. (=

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