Hostels in Buenas Aires??

Hostels in Buenas Aires??


I am going to BA in March and was wondering is anyone knows any good hostels to stay at that are not too expensive?????

updated ENE 25, 2010
posted by mike123587

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Hi Mike! I'm from Argentina, but I live 600 km away from Buenos Aires. There are lots of beautiful hotels in BA!!! OH God! Such a nice city.

Last time I went, I stayed in a beautiful inexpensve hotel a friend recommended. It's a 2star hotel, but believe me it's very convenient, has a perfect location cause it's in Av de Mayo (downtown) and it's a family business, so the people are very friendly.

You can see more in his link

There, you'll find photos, opinions and contact info

Hope it helps!

updated ENE 25, 2010
posted by Benz
gracias por tu ayudar!! i will look at the link! - mike123587, ENE 25, 2010

Friends have confidence in HostelWorld.com/Buenos Aires. They found a great place for only $7.00US.

Currently the site has 46 hostels listed, along with ratings and reviews.

Buen viaje to a beautiful, lively, sophisticated city.

updated ENE 25, 2010
posted by 0057ed01
ok gracias!! i will have a look at the link!! - mike123587, ENE 25, 2010
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