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What are the equivalent of New York Times, Economists, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and these big papers, journals, and TV shows in España. So, what are spain's big newspapers and journals, if financial ones the better?

updated ENE 24, 2010
posted by coolbee
Buena pregunta... Tengo interes en la respuesta... - wallpaper, ENE 24, 2010

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There is another list of Spanish-language newspapers here at SpanishNewYork.com

It seems pretty good to me.

updated ENE 24, 2010
posted by Goyo

I go to elpais.com (Spain). I would be interested to know the others as well.

There is a huge list on this site under reference, but I don´t know which are the most influential.


Leo las noticias en elpais.com (España). A mí tambien me interesa la pregunta. Hay una lista enorme en este sitio, pero no se cuales son los más importantes o influyentes.

updated ENE 24, 2010
edited by kattya
posted by kattya
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