"romper" versus "quebrar"

"romper" versus "quebrar"


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quebrar is a little bit more informal, most related to human body, and has the connotation of breaking into pieces while romper is used more often and has the idea of breaking, halting, or any general sense of breaking

Examples from SpanishDict: Quebrar el corazón romper con la tradición

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Would you use quebrar for something hard and romper for something soft? - pilipina, ENE 24, 2010
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I´m just looking at my dictionary here (Collins). The examples for quebrar include bones, health, heart, mood (depression), body (twist or bend at the waist).

The much longer list for "romper" includes windows, curtains, paper, dishes, furniture, machinery, rope, clothing, balance, silence, contracts, relationships ... but also bones.

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My college book says to smash a car but I do not see it in the dictionary or how to use it? - foxluv, MAR 6, 2010

Romper un papel.

quebrar una taza.

The letter I received from my ex,made me so mad that I tore it. La carta que recibi de mi ex esposa, me enojo tanto que la rompi.

I was scare when I broke the cup. Tenia miedo cuando quebre la taza..

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