Sinónimos y Antónimos de "atroz"

Sinónimos y Antónimos de "atroz"


Create a sentence using a synonym or antonym of the word of the day, "atroz" - in Spanish and English, of course!

Here is my offering (corrections appreciated!):

La reforma de la asistencia sanitaria es una empresa enorme.

Health care reform is a huge undertaking.

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Oración con sinónimo de "atroz":

Ella lucía "horrible" (atroz) con ese vestido. No estaba vestida para la ocasión.

Oración con un antónimo de "atroz":

Ella lucía "hermosa"(preciosa, divina, espléndida) con ese vestido.

Good luck!

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El tiempo este invierno ha sido horrible. The weather this winter has been awful.

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El viento es una caricia reconfortante hoy. The wind is a gentle caress today.

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El avestruz es un ave atroz - el avestruz es un ave grandísima (y algunos dicen que es horrible!)

The ostrich is a huge bird. (and some say that it is atrocious!)

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posted by mountaingirl123

With regard to:

La reforma de la asistencia sanitaria es una empresa enorme.

[link text][1]I feel that I am missing something about this Spanish word "atroz"...

My Gran Diccionario Oxford shows:

atroz adjetivo (brutal, cruel) appalling; (uso hiperbólico) atrocious, awful; un dolor de cabeza atroz an atrocious headache

My online Collins Universal (Unabridged) displays:

atroz ADJ 1 (= terrible) atrocious

(= cruel) cruel, inhuman

(= escandaloso) outrageous

2* (= enorme) huge, terrific

(= malísimo) dreadful, awful

In the RAE online (RAE definition for atroz), I find this:


(Del lat. atrox, -?cis).

  1. adj. Fiero, cruel, inhumano.

  2. adj. Enorme, grave.

  3. adj. coloq. terrible (? muy grande). Hambre atroz

  4. adj. coloq. Pésimo, muy desagradable. Aquel fue un día atroz

Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

And in light of this, I am not sure that the "enorme" with regard to healthcare undertaking...with only the connotation of "really very big" (enorme = adj. enormous, huge, immense; king-size; heinous, monstrous; marvellous) can be correct.

I think that if "enorme" were to be used as a synonym, it would require a use with overtones of heinous, montrous....

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posted by Janice
Good points. You may want to post them on the "word of the day" thread as it is getting more response than this one and some of the sentences there use "atroz" to mean "large" or "immense" without a negative connotation. - LaBurra, ENE 23, 2010
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