el imperfecto y el preterito

el imperfecto y el preterito


What's the difference between the two and when do you use each of them? and how do you conjugate both of them?

updated ENE 23, 2010
posted by lalahgee

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The preterit and the imperfect can be a little tricky to try to figure out. However, there is a simple way to try and teach yourself to use them both correctly. The preterit describes an event that happened in the past and is done. For example: any English verb with the prefix "ed" is in the preterit tense. The imperfect is used for things that do not have a clear starting and ending point. For example: "I was swimming yesterday..." I was swimming, translated into Spanish is only one word, and it is in the imperfect.

  • As far as the endings are concerned, imperfect is much easier to figure out. There is a website that does a very good job with conjugation training. This is the link (http://www.onlinespanishhelp.com/tense/Preterite) for the preterit.
  • And this is the link for the imperfect. http://www.onlinespanishhelp.com/tense/Imperfect
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updated ENE 23, 2010
posted by luhzon89
thank you! This was alot of help in preparation for my midterm next week! - lalahgee, ENE 23, 2010
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