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Please, how do you translate this in English?:

"Contigo no voy ni a la esquina"

"Hay que poner el hombro para ayudar a los danmificados de Haití"

"Eres muy insignificante para mis aspiraciones"

Thank you

updated ENE 22, 2010
posted by Doriz
damnnificados - Yeser007, ENE 21, 2010
Thanks, I know perfectly the meaning of these phrases but I would like to say them in English. - Doriz, ENE 21, 2010

3 Answers


Well, I´ll give it a try...

I wouldn´t even go down to the corner with you.

It´s necessary to make an effort/work hard/lend a hand to help those that have been hurt in Haiti

You are insignificant (in comparison with? as a part of?) my dreams/aspirations.

Hope this helps...

updated ENE 21, 2010
posted by kattya
I hope it wasn't something written to her.:( - Yeser007, ENE 21, 2010

Contigo no voy ni a la esquina

this is an idiomatic expression, hmmmm, meaning that I would go nowhere with you, you are below my level/you are nobody to me!

Anything similar in English?

updated ENE 22, 2010
posted by 00494d19
Yes Heidita, it's just as kattya wrote " I wouldn't even..." Very common usage. - Yeser007, ENE 22, 2010
Also, "you are nobody to me" is commonly used and very demeaning, hence my comment to kattya. - Yeser007, ENE 22, 2010

You can look that up yourself in the translator. The word I corrected in the comment means "victims".

updated ENE 21, 2010
posted by Yeser007
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