Lesson 1.11 time

Lesson 1.11 time


I am working on Lesson 1.11 ser vs estar. In the flashcards for this lesson the clock is at 3:30 They say Son las tres y media for the time. Why not Es las tres y media? Es it is Son they are Have I missed someting: Help Thanks

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you don't say es las tres y media because es is singular.

Es is used for es la una.-It is one o'clock.

Where son is plural of es and is used with all other hours, e.g. son las tres y media.-It is 3:30.

In 1.11, they give you a conjugation of ser. 1st person singular: soy plural: somos 2nd person singular: eres plural: sois 3rd person singular: es plural: son

Also you should watch lesson 1.8 again.

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