HomeQ&ADoes "Vamos" mean "We go" or "Let's go" in English?

Does "Vamos" mean "We go" or "Let's go" in English?


Is the nosotros equivalent in English more like "Let's" or "Let us" instead of "We"?

Like in "Vamos" = "Let's go" instead of "We go" or "Bailamos" = "Let's dance" instead of "We dance"

updated ENE 21, 2010
posted by razhbi

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''Nosotros'' always means ''we''. As for ''vamos'', it depends on the context. If it's just ¡Vamos¡ or ¡Vámonos¡ it means ''let's go'', the later one usually used when you want to leave some place. When using simple ''vamos'' you usually offer to do something or reffer to some action:

Vamos a casa - let's go home. Vamos a bailar - let's go to dance.

When ''nos vamos a casa'', this would mean ''we are going home''.

Hope it makes things a little clearer. Maybe others will explain it better.

updated ENE 21, 2010
posted by saulele
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