Proper translation of "pipe organ"

Proper translation of "pipe organ"


¿Cómo se dice "pipe organ" en español?

I haven't found an answer on the web and I see there are several Spanish words that can be translated as¨"pipe."

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For this kind of thing, wiki is great. Type what you want to know in English, then look on the left side, there is often a translation into Spanish.

Pipe organ is órgano tubular. Here´s the full article: wiki

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"Pipe organ" is a more or less contemporary labelling, due to the fact that we now have electronic instruments.

Strictly and historically speaking, there ought to be no such thing as a "pipe organ" An "organ" is an organ, period. The real deal comes with pipes.

Most people think an organ is an electronic gizmo. You will hear on Jazz radio stations, for example---and this has been going on for quite a while, now---"acoustic piano." When did the Piano" become "acoustic"? It always was. But in the sad state of most people's ignorance today, things have to be spelled out for them. These terminoligies represent a dumbing-down.

Neither in Europe or Spain, are you going to have to specify 'pipe' when speaking about an organ.

In South America, yes because there are generally so few PIpe organs---people there think an organ is an electronic keyboard.

Another possibility, perhaps strictly more correct, would be "Organo de tubos".

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