how do you conjugate in future tense (voy a )

how do you conjugate in future tense (voy a )


se visto, but i want to say like voy a me vister or me voy a vister?????

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posted by jacie

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Are you trying to say "voy a verme"? Visto is the past participle of ver. Or were you trying to use vestirse (se vistió)?

I don't recognize the verb vister nor se visto (me visto would be 1st person, singular, present tense, indicative of vestirse)

Whatever the verb, the periphrasis is ir a + verb infinitive.

The ir is what gets conjugated.

present tense of ir (for expressing future event or action)

voy a vestirme. I am going to dress myself or just I am going to get dressed).

vas a vestirte.

va a vestirse.

past tense (preterite)

fui a vestirme (I was going to dress myself or simply I was going to get dressed)

past tense (imperfect)

iba a vestirme

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yea, i meant, voy a vestirme, that's the one i want! Thank you very much - jacie, ENE 20, 2010
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