Spanish words for "left" and "right" are hard!!!

Spanish words for "left" and "right" are hard!!!


Hi All: Some words seem easier to remember than others. What is is about the Spanish words for LEFT (La izquierda) and RIGHT (La derecha) that are so hard for me to remember? I practiced both of these for an hour and I still cannot remember them the next day! It's very frustrating to say the least! Could it be because they are hard to pronounce?

Anybody else have any words that the just cannot remember?


updated ENE 20, 2010
posted by scottyR00

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Most words I cannot remember LOL

I feel your pain. I have a major problem with computer related terms/words. However, it will eventually sink in, just keep at it then one day you'll be thinking and the word will pop into your head effortlessly!

updated ENE 20, 2010
posted by cheeseisyummy

One way of remembering these words is to know that derecho means law, and the law is allllllways RIGHT!

That way by process of elimination you know izquierda means left.

Not sure if you were looking for help, but its a neat trick that I figured out in the early stages to help me remember...

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posted by wallpaper

alt text ScottyR00:

El diablillo en mí no puede resistir esta respuesta. The imp in me cannot resist this reply
Sí, hay palabras que no puedo recordar. Yes, there are words I cannot remember.
Tristemente, no puedo recordar esas palabras que no puedo recordar. Sadly, I cannot remember those words that I cannot remember.
Recuerdos Regards
Moe Moe
updated ENE 19, 2010
posted by Moe
lol - cheeseisyummy, ENE 19, 2010
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