What does the word Mejores mean in spanish?

What does the word Mejores mean in spanish?


I'm new here in SpanishDict, I'm just a kid that has a lot of spanish friends, 3 close ones. They can speak full spanish, and here I am, nothing to say. Every once in a while I'll be like, Como Estas! And they say sentences back, and I cant understand them. I feel like a fool when that happens. I also have a mexican friend named Antonio, and he's the coolest, I wish he could be my teacher, but he's a jokester. All he wants to do is chase the girls. I dont understand spanish, and I wish I could understand it, just like that. Lets see, I just started using this website at least 2 days ago, so I bet you'll get a lot of questions from me. Sometimes, my spanish friends will teach me some words, like perdone and molesto. They said I could really use these words in real life. Perdone Senior/Seniora for being so molesto, but I could really use your help!

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Hello Dash, first of all don´t feel like a fool because you still don´t know another language. There are thousand of languages and most of us know one or two (or 3).

You will find this site very useful and there´s a lot of people sharing your doubts, you questions and willing to answer them.

Besides, having friends that speak Spanish is a great opportunity lo learn a second language and improve your general knowledge, so try to have fun while learning Spanish.

As regards your question, mejores is plural form of mejor = better

so you have:

bueno = good

mejor = better

el mejor = the best

And adding -s or -es to Spanish nouns and adjectives you can form the plurals . Sorry if you don´t understand the last part, but I can´t explain it better = no puedo explicarla mejor

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Would you be so kind as to use mejores in a sentence, Mediterrunio? That would help me, for one. - Janice, ENE 19, 2010
hay mejores profesores que yo - there are better teachers than me - mediterrunio, ENE 19, 2010

I guess you already know that there are lessons at this site? Or why not stay awhile in one of your closest friends' families....night and day - with the Mom and Dad, little sisters and brothers...Immersion. But do the lessons, too. And if your school offers it, why not enroll in Spanish in school?

Good luck! Buena suerte!

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Hi Dash

Your birth date on your profile page gives you an age of 22 years. Is this date correct?

To answer your question, "mejor or mejores, the plural" have slightly different meanings. They can be nouns, or adjectives, or adverbs. You need to give more context, ie a sentence where it was used but generally you could say it means better or best.

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HI dash, welcome to the forumsmile

this is a family friendly forum and we welcome kids heregrin

I don't know what you are asking though, can you be more precise?

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