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Enter your question..las multitudes.


can i just say," no me gusta multitudes" for I do not like crowds

updated ENE 19, 2010
posted by howdyhow

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The correct way would be: No me gustan las multitudes.

Since crowds is in plural you have to use the plural form of the verb gustar which would be gustan.

Check out this blog post on the verb gustar.

updated ENE 19, 2010
posted by claireclai
Drat it all I did forget the n didn't I. - Lasairfiona, ENE 19, 2010

Welcome to the forum!

Edit: other than gusta -> gustan [/edit] It looks good to me grammatically but I am not a native speaker. Any natives want to speak up? Are there other good ways to talk about the dislike of crowds?

Like my mother often say: I don't like crowds; I feel like taking a bazooka and blowing them all away.

My mother is usually such a calm person too. raspberry

updated ENE 19, 2010
edited by Lasairfiona
posted by Lasairfiona
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