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"Corregid" explanation.


Could someone please explain the conjugation of corregir to corrigid. I see it used often "corregid mi español" and while I know it's asking for a correction I just don't get the "D". Thank you.

updated JUN 8, 2011
posted by Yeser007

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Look here at the imperative section.

Corrige (tú)

Corrija (usted)

Corrijan (ustedes) (this would be the Latin American equivalent of corregid)

updated JUN 8, 2011
edited by webdunce
posted by webdunce
I had left out the link at first, sorry. - webdunce, ENE 19, 2010
Here you have an answer to your question, yesero. I myself didn't know that! :) - bomberapolaca, ENE 19, 2010
Thanks Web, I had looked in the dictionary but didn't search hard enough into the conjugations so I didn't see the imperitive section. I learn something new on this site every day. - Yeser007, ENE 19, 2010

That's imperative form of corregir for vosotros so for second person in the plural smile

updated JUN 8, 2011
posted by bomberapolaca
So what would be used in Latin American Spanish since vosostros is not used or is that a really dumb question? - - Yeser007, ENE 19, 2010
By the way, Thanks! - Yeser007, ENE 19, 2010
There are no dumb questions but dumb answers do exist ;) Rememba! - bomberapolaca, ENE 19, 2010
I've made a few of them! :) - Yeser007, ENE 19, 2010
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