how do i gett to learn spanish faster

how do i gett to learn spanish faster


quiero hablar perfectamente

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quiero hablar - ljubep, ENE 18, 2010
Pascalcomet, use the edit button under this post and change "habla" to "hablar" :) - Jason7R, ENE 18, 2010

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First, welcome to the forum. The way to get better is to practice and surround yourself with other people that want to do the same or that can help you achieve your goal. If you want to speak well then you should start by reviewing the lessons on this site. Paralee is the professor and you can access this by clicking on the Learn Spanish tab at the top of this page. On another note, the more you put into the work the more you will get out of it. Also, you should review the rules and regulations for the site. The link is here: link text

It is also mandatory that you do your best not to use "texted" speech or poor grammar. Do the best you can do and you will learn a great deal here!! smile

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fools rush when wise men never do

so open up your heart and enjoy the trip

fools rush

wise men don't.

You ever heard the song "Fools Rush In " as sung by Ricky Nelson? it is great.

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"fools rush when wise men fear to tread" is the usual quotation (althogh perhaps not in Maryland. As for Nicky Nelson, I only know him from the "Nelson Family". - samdie, ENE 18, 2010
I meant to write Ricky Nelson - 00769608, ENE 20, 2010
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