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Website, computer CD, "good" book with idioms?



I am looking for a good website, or a computer CD (program) that contains idiomatic expressions.

I would like to find something searchable. A book would be okay as well, but I would prefer something that I can use on my computer. Right now I have a very small Barons Spanish Idioms book, but the letters are so small that I can hardly read them.

¡Le doy gracias por su ayuda!

updated ENE 18, 2010
posted by Rolest

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I have a lamenated (8"x11") chart "Spanish Idioms (& Advanced Vocabulary)" by SparkCharts. It lists idiomatic verb expressions, commonly confused words, false cognates, regional variations & colloqualisms, etc. It's very useful and convenient.

The only problem...teeny, tiny writing! angry

If you don't mind using a microscope, I recommend it! smile

updated ENE 18, 2010
posted by Dee914
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