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The food is good


I would like to know if this sentence can be used with several meanings.

The food is good = la comida está buena (I mean, it is delicious)

The food is good for you = la comida es buena para tí (I mean, it is healthy).

Thank you.

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Yes, your sentences are both fine. However, I would normally use a more specific word in the first sentence if I want the person who cooked to feel complimented. So I would say the "the spaghetti is delicious" or "the cookies are yummy".

¨"The food is good" could also mean it is not spoiled.

However, in order to mean healthy, you have to say "good for you" as you did.

Sometimes companies advertise that their food is "good and good for you"!

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I would say "qué rico" when I want to say "how yummy" in Spanish.

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According to the Oxford Spanish Dictionary:

Bueno can be used several ways. food/quality/book/school/creditable/and many others.

Under "Health" is the following:

(healthy, wholesome) diet/habit/exercise: bueno/a (adj).

Ex: Las espinacas son buenas para la salud.

Spinach is good for you.

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