Can you help me with Boxing terms and phrases used by spanish speakers?


I;m trying to find terms and phrases that are used commonly in boxing by Spanish speaking persons?

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Welcome to SpanishDict, Tommy! I added 'Boxing' to your question to make it stand out more! :-)
many words related to box are just coinages from English. ring, round, KO, jab, uppercut, cross, punch, welter. Maybe if you´re re more specific...

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Hi Tommylee and welcome to the forum.

As Mediterrunio has already commented, many of the terms are the same in both English and Spanish such as jab, uppercut, cross, etc. Others, such as bloqueo (block), golpe (punch) and contragolpe (counterpunch), have their own Spanish/English equivalents.

Have a look at this link and see if it helps you out. Much of what you are looking for will probably be found on the second and third pages of the article (The article is 6 pages in total), but if you have any specific questions about the content of the article or specific terms come back and post them.

Boxing in Spanish

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