Today´s Holiday is...Humanitarian Day

Today´s Holiday is...Humanitarian Day


According to the World Health Organization, World Humanitarian Day is an occasion for paying tribute to the men and women who work to save the lives and protect the health of people affected by emergencies, whether caused by conflict or natural disasters. These are often life-threatening situations, and those who offer help put their own lives at risk.

Who would you like to pay tribute to and why?
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I want to give tribute to those helping the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. I say a prayer not only for the victims but those humanitarians associated with this sad situation.

Quiero rendir tributo a aquellos que ayudan a las víctimas del terremoto en Haití. Digo una oración, no sólo para las víctimas, pero los trabajadores humanitarios asociados con esta triste situación.

(This was very difficult for me to translate being a beginner so I used the translator. Embarrassing. If the translator is incorrect, could someone correct the Spanish so I learn the language properly. Thank you so much.=

updated ENE 16, 2010
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Yo también querría rendir homenaje a los que están ahora en Haití. Además, admiro mucho a la gente que está en los países africanos y pone su vida en peligro donde hay guerras y conflictos armados.

I'd also like to pay tribute to those who are in Haiti now. Also, I really admire the people who are in African countries and risk their lives where there are wars and armed conflicts.

updated ENE 16, 2010
posted by Issabela

Admiro los que buscan soluciones a la desnutrición y la enfermedad en los países del mundo tercer, por ejemplo, Paul Farmer en Haiti. Lee el libro estimulante, "Montañas más allá de Montañas" escribiendo para Tracy Kidder, sobre su trabajo.

I admire those who seek solutions to malnutrition and disease in third world countries, for example Paul Farmer in Haiti. Read the inspiring book, "Mountains Beyond Mountains" written by Tracy Kidder, about his work.

updated ENE 15, 2010
posted by LaBurra
Corrections appreciated! - LaBurra, ENE 15, 2010
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