Need help with an abbreviation in Spanish


Hello -

I'm trying to read a doctor's notes which is challenging even in English, but these are in Spanish. (Honduras)

The sentence is:

Por lo cual, su hijo, Jose, necesita visitación para asumir responsabilidad (? "pst" ?) con el paciente.

which I interpret to mean"

For this reason, the son, Jose, needs visitation to assume (?) responsibility for the patient.

The part I can't figure out is the abbreviation pst . It looks like those are the letters comparing his "p" with other "p"s in the letter .

I'm not sure what pst could stand for and there is the possibility that the next two letter after the p are not st.

Anyone have any idea in the context of the sentence what it could be? (The patient was treated for prostate cancer by chemo and radiation therapy without any improvement).


updated ENE 15, 2010
posted by RachelC

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I thing "pst" in the context of the sentence=Psiquiatria. Need to see one's Psychiatric Unit.I not sure.

updated ENE 15, 2010
posted by melipiru