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When using the abbreviation of usted.


Wen using the abbreviation of usted is it considered misspelled if not capitalized or there is no period following? example: ¿Qué lugares visitó ud en el 2008?

updated SEP 15, 2010
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posted by theMax
Hi theMax! I corrected spelling errors in the title thread. Remember even though we're learning Spanish, we have the opportunity to show the English learners proper spelling and punctuation. ;-) - chaparrito, ENE 14, 2010

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It´s generally used ´usted´. If you use the abbreviation you always have to use the period and the capital u. That´s the norm. However, you may find abbreviations without capital letter but the period should be always written to denote it´s an abbreviation, like in Sr., Sra., Srta.

updated ENE 14, 2010
posted by mediterrunio
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