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Assisting with on-line Spanish courses from the university


We as students take Spanish courses on-line through the University. We are taught from the Vista En Linea 2.0. Each course is divided in 4 lessons. I would love help on each lesson as we go. We are studying Las vacaciones. Thank you for your word of the day however, we don't really have time to review them because they don't apply during our studies. Since I am a registered member, is there any way that you can help us with our specific lessons as we continue our studies. Here is our review for the semester Las vacaciones (#5) De compras! (#6) La rutina diaria (#7) La comida (#8)

I don't know how you can help specifically to us struggling students, but could you give advice on better utilization from Spanishdict while we are studying specific lessons.

Thank you!

updated ENE 14, 2010
posted by cwdhaven

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Anyone on here will always try to help you if you have a specific question - most of us love to help smile

Paralee's videos are interesting and very informative. They might not be an exact match for your syllabus, but you will find several that deal with food, holidays, shopping and daily routines, and often looking at these things from a different viewpoint will clarify what your own tutors are telling you - so I would definately recommend that you watch them.

You can also use the flashcards - if there are none that match the particular series of words that you are trying to memorize, then you can create your own, custom made ones.

The reference section, and the conjugator (accessed under "more" on the top line) will also be a great help to you. Enjoy your studies smile

updated ENE 14, 2010
posted by sheila-foster

The most common assistance offered here is questions about grammar, proofreading attempts at writing in Spanish or translation.

If you are doing homework, post your best effforts to the site and experienced people will review, critique and offer suggestions.

updated ENE 14, 2010
posted by nizhoni1
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