"Where do I begin?"

"Where do I begin?"


I walked into the kitchen this evening to be greeted by a load of clearing up excaim. I muttered ¿Dónde empiezo? to myself and then I thought, would that be what a native Spanish speaker might say in that situation?

Any thoughts on whether what I said might be seen as natural Spanish and what other phrases might have come to mind. (Oh No! would probably work in both languages grin)

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Perfect, jespawink

Also: Pero es que no sé ni dónde empezarconfused

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posted by 00494d19
Just what I wanted! Thanks, Heidita - it would never have occurred to me to say anything ike that :-) - Jespa, ENE 13, 2010

¿Y por dónde empiezo? Here it´s important the use of the preposition ´por´, becasue you begin ¨por algo¨:

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Yes, I like that. Rolls nicely off the tongue and I do get the need for 'por'although I would not have thought of it. Thanks. - Jespa, ENE 13, 2010
don´t mention it. - mediterrunio, ENE 13, 2010
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