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like i am saying how u say soft drink in spanish people are telling me u this is how say and other people are telling me u say refresco for soft drink in spanish?

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posted by boss4lyfe
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HI boss, welcome to the forumgrin

this is a post I would like to keep for how not to write thingswink

Please remember this is a learning site, this spelling is unacceptable.

And yes, you say refrescowink

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Refresco or gaseosa are very common terms.

You may also hear the word chesco used in Mexican Spanish for refresco.

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posted by rodneyp
I agree with this post; the above options are the most common! Other words you may hear: "refresco de soda", "aqua gaseosa" I have even heard plain "soda", etc. - jphip, ABR 25, 2014

bebida sin alcohol, gaseosa, trago pavo.

But always remember: more context, better answers.

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I think a persons profile should tell us their nationality but very often they don't.

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Wikipedia has a nice table of what word you use in many of the Spanish speaking countries.


This for instance is the entry for Mexico:

México Refresco, a veces chesco o soda, y en el norte simplemente se le llama soda /o por su marca

And as Rodney notes, chesco is a term used in Mexico.

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posted by bosquederoble

Also you can name Soft Drink as "bebida espirituosa" if it has bubbles

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posted by JACrejo
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