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Escupiendo los pulmones


Can anyone help me with these sentenses?

"Dios, no puedes ni hacerte la idea de lo que me imaginaba cada vez que te fumabas una mierda de éstas. Volvía a ver a mi padre en la cama de hospital, escupiendo los pulmones en las sábanas."

I am not sure about "escupiendo los pulmones". Is it a metaphor or one can really spit his lung?The father in the story had lung cancer.

updated ENE 11, 2010
posted by oattochan

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Escupir can also mean to "to cough up". We say in English that he is "coughing his lungs up" so I wonder if the Spanish say it also.

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posted by Eddy
Yup. Same idea. - samdie, ENE 11, 2010

It's a euphemism.

updated ENE 11, 2010
posted by CalvoViejo
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