La carretera es muy peligroso. This is what the translation site gives me for the road is very dangerous (I was wondering whether to use es or esta.) I have checked that peligroso is an adjective so can be o/a. Can anyone explain please why masculine o is being used for a feminine noun? All 3 translationn sites say the same so is this a general mistake or what. Thanks

updated FEB 23, 2010
posted by caza

1 Answer


Use "es" for the verb.

The translator, I guess, is not accurate all the time. smile "Peligrosa" is describing the road ("la carretera"), therefore, since the la carretera is feminine, the preligrosa should be feminine too.

updated FEB 23, 2010
posted by Grace90
Thank you, I thought so to, I just neede someone to confirm it for me. The translator just recently has come up with some strange things but when all 3 say the same you start to question yourself! - caza, ENE 11, 2010
:) Hehe yeah i understand... - Grace90, FEB 23, 2010
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