La Tele Esta Rota: Messages from Notes in Spanish

La Tele Esta Rota: Messages from Notes in Spanish


Does anyone listen to Ben and Marina, from Notes in Spanish? They're awesome. They record different, kind of anecdotes, every once in a while. There are levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. They live in Spain.
Beginner is in Spanish & English. Intermediate is fairly easy to understand. Advanced gets harder--and so I like it a lot more when I'm assigned to listen to an Intermediate podcast instead of Advanced by my spanish teacher.

Anyway, on Intermediate #43, their television is broken. Ben and Marina's favorite TV shows are CSI and Desperate Housewives. They wonder how long people spend watching TV, and if they should buy a new one. I liked it a lot--I want to see CSI in Spanish sometime.

updated ENE 10, 2010
posted by masterofspanish

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yes!! they are great.

I down loaded their podcast's from iTunes.

I have learnt so much from them, I love their "cool Spanish" words they tell you.

updated ENE 10, 2010
posted by djbonnett
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