What is the plural of "récord"?

What is the plural of "récord"?


I was reading the weather site in Spanish and the word for max or min temperatures was "récord" which was also shown as "récords' for the plural. Is this correct?

SpanishDict showed the word but not the plural. . .

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It's correct because Récord is an English word. We also use Tiempo récord for weather and other maximums & minimums. *****Marca***** is frequently used in sports events to denote the same thing. But as gfreed has noted, Récord can be conjugated as a Spanish word as well.

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It's interesting to note its use as an English word since all of the other words on the site are clearly Spanish. in origin That is why, I guess it stood out in its form. Thanks to all. - noti, ENE 10, 2010

Googling I find both récords and récordes

![Merriam Webster Spanish Dictionary][1]

[1]: http://Main Entry: récord

Function: masculine noun

Inflected Form(s): plural récords or records

Language: Spanish or record : record

—récord or record adjective

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