How do you ask the question.....

How do you ask the question.....


" Do you love me?"

I´m going to go around my school saying that. It was a dare from my best friend. She said to it to 20 people I dont know. I´m going to say it in Spanish and hope people don´t understand. XD

updated ENE 10, 2010
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posted by LuvMew

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There are a couple of ways you could say this in Spanish. I would think for the purpose of your 'dare', the easiest would be:

¿Me amas?

If you need help pronouncing this, look up each word in the dictionary above and you'll see a little speaker icon next to the word. When you click the icon you'll hear the pronunciation.

(Be careful! Someone may understand you... wink)

updated ENE 10, 2010
posted by chaparrito
I wil completely die if they do. Ty so much for the help. XoXo - LuvMew, ENE 10, 2010
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